What's New - Verified 3.10.0

Additional information about recently introduced features, hints, tips, limitations, and corrections is included in this paper, which is meant to support online help and publications. Please refer to the authID.ai Information Center for comprehensive product documentation and other considerations while using authID.ai Version 3.10.0

We, at authID.ai, are pleased to inform the user that on Thursday, February 15th, 2024, our authentication software Verified will receive a few minor updates to expand its possibilities.

Updated Components

  • BioWeb
  • Self-Service Enrollment Utility
  • OIDC Service
  • Identity Portal

What's New

  1. Updates to Document Capture UX: The document capture page now features a sleek black background, accompanied by a black and white circle for the shutter button.

  2. Selfie Capture UX Enhancements: The selfie capture page now features a sleek black background for an enhanced user experience.

  3. Enhanced AutoCapture Download Reliability: Improvements have been implemented in the download logic and user interface of the authID document AutoCapture module.

    • In case of poor network connectivity, the AutoCapture module waits for up to 30 seconds to complete its download before initiating the capture process. If the module is unable to download after the allotted time, the document collection process will proceed in a manual capture mode.
    • If the AutoCapture module is not available, the users can see Auto Capture: OFF displayed on the screen during document capture.
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  1. Introduction of Managed Enrollment Policy: The new Managed Enrollment policy empowers administrators to define the required level of user verification before enrolling them into authentication factors. Currently, these policies can only be activated by authID support, but customers will gain the ability to configure them independently in a forthcoming Verified release.

If you have any questions regarding the changes, please get in touch with us at [email protected].