Verified 3.5.0

Additional information about recently introduced features, hints, tips, limitations, and corrections is included in this paper, which is meant to support the online help and publications. Please refer to the Information Center for comprehensive product documentation and other considerations while using Version 3.5.0 is pleased to announce the release of several aesthetic and functional enhancements to our identity platform that will improve user experience and the look and feel of our product deployed on Monday, June 26th, 2023.

Updated Components

  • Identity Portal 3.5.0
  • BioWeb 3.5.0

Identity Verification UX Enhancements

  • Disable selfie review - It is now possible to disable the selfie review during identity verification transactions. With this functionality disabled, users no longer have to press submit after taking a selfie during identity verification or biometric enrollment transactions. By default, selfie review will be disabled for all customers as of this release. Please get in touch with authID support at [email protected] to have it enabled.
  • iOS 16. x update notification - A new notification message appears to users who are using iOS 16.0.x - 16.4.x and are experiencing blurry image uploads during the identity verification. The notification will prompt the user to upgrade their OS to iOS 16.5 or above which has been shown to improve blurry captures.
  • Expired document upload - Administrators can now choose to allow the processing of expired documents during identity verification transactions. Please note that by default this feature is disabled. Please get in touch with authID support at [email protected] to have it enabled.

Improved Diagnostics

Diagnostics have been enhanced to enable the authID support team to troubleshoot identity verification transactions better.

These enhancements will not cause any disruption upon deployment; should you have any questions regarding these changes, please get in touch with us at [email protected].