Verified 3.8.0

Additional information about recently introduced features, hints, tips, limitations, and corrections is included in this paper, which is meant to support the online help and publications. Please refer to the Information Center for comprehensive product documentation and other considerations while using Version 3.8.0 would like to announce the release of enhancements to improve the performance and reliability of our Identity Verification product on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023.

Updated Components

  • Identity Verification Document Capture
  • Identity Verification Workflows
  • Diagnostics capabilities
  • IDComplete database

What's New

New Document Capture Module (Early Access)

A new document capture module is now accessible to customers upon request. This module significantly improves the user experience when capturing both the front and back of documents. To enable this module, kindly contact authID support at [email protected].

Improved Error Messages during Identity Verification

To assist users encountering challenges during the identity verification process, we have improved error messages to offer clearer instructions.

Autozoom Support

During Proof or Verified transactions on desktop, authID can now automatically zoom in on the user's face when taking a selfie. This simplifies the process for users, reducing the need for precise positioning within the capture guides.

Session Diagnostics

authID has collaborated with Microsoft to introduce a new diagnostic feature that enables our team to capture non-sensitive portions (no biometrics, documents, or PII will be recorded) of the Proof and Verified workflows. This initiative allows us to continually enhance our product.

Improved Mobile Device Support

Numerous issues related to iOS 17 have been resolved in an effort to provide an optimal user experience during Identity Verification transactions.

Enhancements for Product Reliability

In each release, authID strives to address various issues identified by our users that have been affecting product performance and user experience. In this particular release, several fixes have been implemented to ensure that authID consistently delivers a high-quality experience to all our users.

Should you have any questions regarding these changes, please get in touch with us at [email protected].