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One of Verified's core concepts is the transaction:

A transaction refers to the process of authenticating a user as they perform key authorization or account management activities, such as identity proofing, biometric enrollment, or biometric verification.

Transaction Types

The following are the most common transactions you can integrate into your authentication workflow:

  1. Proof a user's identity
    Capture and validate user identity documents against a database of over 9,000 acceptable goverment document types.
  2. Enroll a user's reference biometrics
    Capture user selfie and store it as a reference biometric credential in the Verified platform for use in verification transactions.
  3. Perform biometric verification
    Verify a transaction against a user's reference biometric credential. This can be done for as many use cases as you need, and as many times as you need.

Postman Samples

For your convenience, we have provided sample Postman collections demonstrating the three transaction types and attached them below. The internal sequencing of the individual collection requests corresponds to each of the section titles under "API Sequence".

  1. Proof Transactions
  2. Selfie Transactions
  3. Verification Transactions

You will need to edit username/password combination in the "Authorization" tab under the collection definition for each example using the username/password combination provided to you by authID.