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Verified Overview

Verified™ is a device-agnostic, cloud-based biometric identity platform that lowers the overall cost and complexity associated with implementing and managing several point solutions that address compliance, online fraud, user experience, and data security.

What is Verified?

Let's face it... passwords cause problems. Current customer authentication methods including one time passwords and knowledge-based authentication frustrate and annoy customers. These services can be easily defeated by bad actors and increase the security risks to your platform and your customers' accounts. Such poor experiences can reduce customer loyalty and lead to account and transaction abandonment and unfortunately lost revenue.

AuthID's Verified™ platform addresses these issues with an easier, more secure multi-factor authentication product for users to seamlessly validate identity documents, enroll in authentication services with a simple selfie, and leverage a user's unique biometrics to gain better protection from fraud during high-risk, high-value activities.

What Problems Can Verified Solve?

Verified simplifies and enhances existing MFA workflows by replacing shared secrets, like OTP and KBA, with advanced facial biometrics as a factor of authentication. Whereas OTP and KBA services assume with varying degrees of assurance that the account owner is the one responding to the challenge request, Verified confirms with the highest degree of assurance the biometric identity of the customer when they log into their account, reset a password, or process a transaction. authID provides an irrefutable biometric audit trail for each transaction performed by the user, giving your business the peace of mind that your customers' accounts are not being exposed to fraudulent activity.

Workforce Solutions

Remote onboarding
Fast and simple integration with existing IAM solutions means that there is no significant burden placed on technical staff when welcoming a new user to the organization. Additionally - advanced facial biometrics cannot be cloned or circumvented. Depending on tier, Verified can also perform ID proofing with document verification.

Application login
Verified can ensure only authorized users have access to organizational resources and get an immutable transaction log that simplifies compliance audits.

Creating universal experiences across the devices, platforms, and browsers your users leverage for work can be a complex process. Verified integrates with all existing MFA and SSO options without additional provisioning, hardware, or significant training.

CIAM (Consumer Identity and Access Management) Benefits

Fraud prevention
Advanced facial biometrics can be used at login or as a step-up for transaction verification. This prevents account takeover and unauthorized transactions.

Customer retention
Customer retention is directly impacted by a customer's experience when interacting with your brand. Advanced facial biometrics streamlines and simplifies the authentication process without sacrifing security.

Cart abandonment
Not having guests checkout is the second highest cause of cart abandonment. Verified can enroll and authenticate a user in one step - enabling account creation and guest checkout all at once.

Verified Use Cases

Verified provides a seamless user experience for Account Recovery and Device Registration Management that only requires the user to perform a selfie with a simple smile. The system directly confirms the identity of the actual account owner with an accuracy of nearly 99.95%, and when coupled with an ISO 30107-3 Level 2 compliant Presentation Attack Detection algorithm, quickly catches fraudsters attempting to spoof the system. With Verified's in-band transactions, the user never leaves the application screen they are working in, and can display a branded message asking them to take a selfie. Leverage the Verified platform in some of these common use-cases:

Self Service Account Recovery

Reset an Account Password or Username
Verified authenticates the account owner through an in-band facial biometric transaction allowing them to reset their password and/or username. Verified replaces the use of OTP or KBA types of challenge responses as an additional layer of security. It removes the need to have a second device to perform an out-of-band transaction.

Self-Service Authenticator Authorization and Self-Service Device Registration Management

Management of Device Authenticators Registered to an Account
Using a facial biometric transaction, Verified allows an account owner to authorize the registration of a 2FA or MFA device authenticator to their account. Because Verified confirms the identity of the account owner in the authorization process, it provides an increased level trust to the registered device. Verified uses the same simple selfie process to also manage the replacement of a device authenticator or the addition of more device authenticators for an account. Using the Verified product, the complex task of managing your users' device authenticators is as simple as a smile.