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Out-of-band Options

Out-of-band transactions refer to Proof, Selfie, or Verification transactions that do not occur within an embedded integration. Practically speaking, these transactions are sent to a user's phone or email as defined by the transport type(1, 2, 3) in the request body transaction initiation API call.

Example Out-of-band Proof

Following the example from the Proof transaction workflow, the following request body would send an email to with a link to supply their document data and biometrics.

API Call:

curl --location --request POST ''

Example request body:

"DocumentTypes": [
"TimeoutSec": 3600,
"PhoneNumber": "",
"Email": "",
"TransportType": 2,
"IntroductionText": "Welcome. Please prove your identity."

Email example: img

Special Considerations

Since these workflows are slightly different than the embedded experience, there are a few considerations that you must take before engaging in their implementation.

  • Note that the OneTimeSecret is not returned by the API since it is generated as part of the email/SMS template.
  • You will still receive the OperationId and can still poll the status of the operation.
  • The templates for these transactions can be customized at the tenant level. Contact your technical lead at authID for more information about white-labeling this experience.