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Passive Consent

Starting with Verified 2.12, customers can selectively disable the need to smile during the biometric capture process, resulting in a faster, smoother user experience.


The default behavior for authID's biometric capture process is as follows:

  1. Guide a user to center their face
  2. Accomodate for blurriness, glare, or other environmental factors
  3. Prompt the user to smile
  4. Capture the frame

Step 3 is chiefly a means of ensuring that a user is actively consenting to the process beyond simply agreeing to terms and conditions. However, some users find it difficult to maneuver this process which causes friction and time delays. This behavior can be disabled which speeds up the process of capturing a user's biometrics.

By creating a support ticket with our helpdesk, you can opt-in to the Passive Consent feature. You will simply need to provide your tenant information, an indication that you wish to turn on passive consent, and the desired delay measured in seconds.

The time delay is used so that after X seconds, the system will automatically capture a frame for analysis and comparison to the reference biometric credential. The tradeoff is that the frame capture might not be usable for comparison, so you may encounter a higher error rate.