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Verified 3.0.0 is pleased to announce the release of Verified 3.0, deployed on October 19th, 2022!

With Verified 3.0, organizations now have access to a single platform that eliminates the risks and hassles of using passwords, while protecting valued systems and corporate assets with strong identity assurance. Whenever the enterprise needs to authorize user access to sensitive applications, perform a high-risk activity, or to add or recover a new device, Verified seamlessly elevates authentication, with a quick selfie captured in seconds in any browser, to verify the human behind the device.

Release 3.0 Enhancements

Enhanced User Experience Features of Verified 3.0 include:

Seamless Passwordless Authentication

FIDO2-certified passwordless authentication allows workforce users and consumers to log in 100% password-free across any mobile or desktop device.

Secure, Portable Account/Device Add & Recovery

Using their cloud biometrics, users can now seamlessly add new devices and recover from a lost device – no need to call a help desk, and no need to fall back to insecure legacy MFA.

2 Second Selfie Capture

Verified is certified for iBeta PAD Level 2 liveness detection. Users no longer need to smile during a selfie, resulting in captures as quick as 2 seconds.

Enhanced Customer Implementation Experiences of Verified 3.0 include:

Expanded and Quicker Implementation Options

Support of OIDC protocols delivers HFA connections with the identity ecosystem, including IAM, PAM, and EDR providers, and popular cloud applications in under 10 minutes. Customers continue to enjoy the flexibility to develop custom integrations using authID APIs.

Authentication Orchestration Policies

Verified now includes a new workflow management tool that streamlines enterprise rollout by eliminating custom workflow development and offering easy configuration of user onboarding and authentication rules on a per-use-case and/or per-identity provider basis.

Federated Cloud Identity

Verified offers a single cloud platform with support for the identity ecosystem to enable federated enterprise access with a single identity across their tech stack of legacy, SaaS, and cloud applications.

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