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Verified 2.9.0 is pleased to announce the release of the following enhancements deployed with our Verified Platform V2.9.0 on April 19, 2022

authID is the preferred biometric authentication platform for enterprises offering a highly adaptable and easy to integrate IDaaS solution for a variety of use cases; leveraging the convergence of cloud-biometrics and device auth, to create a differentiated user experience with a high level of identity assurance

There are no code changes required for our existing customers to take advantage of the enhancements included in this release. Should you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact us at

Release 2.9.0 Enhancements

Multi-Language Support

This update allows users to set the language used by the Verified user interface. This enhancement will automatically select the language based on browser preferences, it also allows manual selection via dropdown menu. Users can now choose between the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Portuguese ( Portugal)
  • Russian

Inline and Email Enrollment for Auth0 Workflows

Administrators now have the ability to select how Verified enrollment transactions are executed. They may choose "inline" or "email". Selecting "email" increase the level of identity assurance by adding an additional factor to the that can later be used during authentication.

Inline and Email Verification for Auth0 Workflows

Administrators now have the ability to select how Verified authentication transactions are presented to the user. They may choose "inline" or "email". Selecting "email" configuration adds yet another authentication factor into the process. In addition to biometric verification, the user needs access to the verified registered email containing transaction signing key, in order to be able to sign the biometric credential.

Granular Access Control for Auth0 Workflows

Administrators can now choose how and when to invoke Verified CloudConnect for Auth0 to perform biometric authentication for identity verification.

"Always-on" mode allows administrators to require biometric 2nd factor authentication for every authentication event. This mode is beneficial for organizations interested in supporting zero-trust architecture as it provides real-time assurance of the users identity. Enabling this mode allows administrator to add biometric authentication without any code changes to applications using Auth0 to authenticate users.

"On-request" mode allows administrators trigger biometric authentication depending on the organization's risk threshold. Organizations can now customize when and how biometric authentication challenges are issued based on their business logic, triggering biometric authentication at critical points of the workflow as often as they need. Simple code changes are required to insert MFA requests into Auth0 user authentication.

For more details please see the Auth0 overview page.

User Management Controls

The authID Identity Portal now supports Role Based Access Controls (RBAC). Administrators with the "Customer Owner" role can manage the creation and deletion of other users and the assignment and management of user roles. To be enabled for this role please contact us at