Browser and OS Support

The following are the Browser and OS combinations supported by the authID platform. These combinations have undergone testing to ensure compatibility with all authID software components, assuring an optimal user experience.

Any OS or browser not mentioned in the list is considered unsupported.

Find the below Browsers Compatibility information:

Mobile and Desktop Browser Compatibility:

SafarimacOS 13+iOS 16+
ChromeWindows10 and 11, macOS 13+Android 11+, and iOS 16+
Samsung InternetNAAndroid 11+
EdgeWindows10 and 11, macOS 13+Android 11+
FirefoxWindows10 and 11, macOS 13+iOS 16+

Mobile WebView Compatability ​

FrameworkBrowser ComponentOS
ReactNativeReact Native WebViewAndroid, iOS
FlutterWebView for FlutterAndroid, iOS
KotlinAndroid webkit webviewAndroid