Proof Transaction

API Sequence

Developer needs to implement the following the following sequence of API calls to obtain user IDV information.

Proof with Embedded UX

Create a Proof Transaction

Create a new Proof by calling the Create New Operation Endpoint with the following example request body:

  "AccountNumber": "AccountV2",
  "Payload": {
    "DocumentTypes": [
  "Codeword": "",
  "Name": "GetForeignIDDocument",
  "Timeout": 3600,
  "TransportType": 0,
  "Tag": ""

The AccountNumber must match the value of the user account created in the previous step Create a User Account.

The DocumentTypes array at this time allows for only one document, the descriptions of available types can be obtained via helper API List Document Types

Using TransportType 0 returns an OperationId and a OneTimeSecret. Save these values from the response and use them to deliver the UI to the user. Example response body:

   "OperationId": "113e838b-be34-53e9-c52f-3cc45b2d10ce",
   "OneTimeSecret": "TbAeETwpOxbvKy7rWCeOcQ=="  

See Embedded Capture Experience for guidance on delivering the transaction to the user.

The other options for TransportType parameter usage are described in Out-of-band Transactions section.