Failed Biometric Authentication

There are several scenarios in which biometric authentication may not work:

  • True Non-Match: The person attempting to log in is not the same as the person who registered
  • The spoofing assault was halted by True Rejection from Face Liveness Detection.
  • False Non-Match: The person attempting to authenticate is identical to the one who registered, but the biometric score generated by the matching algorithm is below the cutoff.
  • Inaccurate Rejection from Face Liveness Identification

Understanding that the message would rarely be shown to normal users and would always be shown to users attempting to compromise the system is crucial to presenting the right messaging.

The notifications accessible within the UI SDK and sites accessible to end users do not reveal the reason for denial, that is, the specific AI component (matching/liveness) that denied the authentication.

authID allows for 3 attempts within one transaction. On the first two attempts the user / SDK lands on the VerifyMatchFail page which is an indicator that retry is allowed, on the last try the process lands on the VerifyFinalFail page.