How to Create a Support Ticket

A support ticket is a formal request for help or a problem resolution sent to a business's customer care or support team. It gives clients or users a way to ask questions, voice complaints, or report issues with a product or service to the company's customer care representatives.

Create a ticket with authID Support

  1. Submit: Support tickets can be submitted through email provided by the company [email protected].
  2. Information: Users usually include a description of the issue, any error messages they experienced, any pertinent account information (if applicable), and the steps they took to troubleshoot the issue when establishing a support case.
  3. Track: Every support ticket is given a tracking number or unique identifier, which enables the client and the support staff to keep track of the request's development and guarantee a prompt response.
  4. The severity of the problem, how it affects the user's operations, and any service level agreements (SLAs) that may be in place are some of the variables that can be used to prioritize support tickets.
  5. Communication: After a user submits a help ticket, the company's support staff gets in touch with the user to inquire about further details, provide updates on the request's progress, and finally fix the problem.
  6. Resolution: By proposing solutions, troubleshooting techniques, or, if required, elevating the ticket to a higher level of help, the support team attempts to fix the issue as stated in the support ticket.
  7. Closure: The support ticket is closed once the user is satisfied and the issue is fixed. Before the ticket is formally closed, users may be asked to attest the issue is fixed.

If required, provide the below list of information:

  • Transaction ID number(s).

  • Tenant URL.

  • Business Impact = (High, Medium, Low, No impact)

  • Who is affected? 1 person or multiple?

  • IOS device type and Version.

  • Android device type and Version.

  • Web browser used and Version.

  • OS/MAC Version.

  • Web or Mobile app user experience.

  • Time frames when you noticed the issue.

  • Current behavior/expected behavior.

  • Occurrence of the issue (all the time, at random, or small subset).

  • Errors messages shown (if any).

  • Screenshots or video of the issue (if able to provide).

  • Are you able to reproduce the issue? = (Yes or No)

    • Yes (Please specify the steps)
    • No (Why not?)
  • API Request (please send us the exact request that is sent to our API).

  • Include the API Endpoint, Method, Headers, Parameters, body, etc. Please ensure to remove the API credentials (API Token & Secret).

  • API Response (HTTP Status Code & body).

  • Any additional information may be relevant.