Out-of-band (SMS or Email)

Proof and Verified transactions that are not embedded into integration UI are referred to as out-of-band transactions. The transport type in the request body of the transaction init API call determines whether these transactions are transmitted to the user's phone number or email address.

The TransportType enumeration can have the following values:


If a user does not have a phone number or email associated with their account, the error is generated when trying to use the corresponding Transport Type.

Example Out-of-band Proof

The request body must send an email with a link to [email protected] asking them to submit their document data and biometrics, by the Proof transaction workflow example.

API Call

curl --location --request POST 'https://id.authid.ai/IDCompleteBackendEngine/Default/AdministrationServiceRest/foreignOperations/documents'

Example Request Body:

  "DocumentTypes": [
  "TimeoutSec": 3600,
  "PhoneNumber": "",
  "Email": "[email protected]",
  "TransportType": 2,
  "IntroductionText": "Welcome. Please prove your identity."

Email Example:

The San Juan Mountains are beautiful!

Email Verify Your Identity

Particular Points to Remember

It is important to take into account a few factors when implementing these procedures as they differ differently from the embedded experience.

Being generated as part of the email/SMS template, take note that the OneTimeSecret is not returned by the API.
The OperationId and the ability to poll the operation's status will continue to be sent to the user.
Tenant customization is possible for the templates used for these transactions. For further information about white-labeling this experience, get in touch with the authID technical lead.