Using the Access Token

An access token functions as a credential in the authID system, granting application permission to execute particular actions within the platform or to access protected resources. Access tokens are used to authorize requests to the system's APIs.

To use any of the Verified platform's API endpoints, the access token must be provided in an HTTP Authorization header as a part of HTTP Bearer authentication schema as shown below:

Authorization: Bearer <authID_Access_token>

Sample JWT Access Token Payload

  "nameid": "e1a5011f-dc3f-405e-8465-3897fd75f39a",  
  "unique_name": "TestUser",  
  "custid": "1256g699-1cdc-40ad-bfaf-93ac4fe1800e",  
  "custnum": "TestCustomer",  
  "role": [  
    "External Verificator",  
  "nbf": 1633710455,  
  "exp": 1633710755,  
  "iat": 1633710455,  
  "iss": "<">,  
  "aud": "<">  


JWT Tokens

To learn more about JWT tokens: JSON Web Tokens