1. Launch ADFS Plugin Inline setup via executing file IDS.IDComplete.ADFSPluginInline-XXXX-x64.msi. Accept the license terms and choose Complete for the installation type.
  2. After installing the ADFS plugin, open the registry editor to the following path: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IDGlobal]. Give "Full control" access rights to the registry folder IDComplete ADFS Plugin Inline for the service account that runs the ADFS service.
  3. Open a File Explorer window and navigate to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%. Give "Full control" access rights to the folder IDGlobal for the ADFS service account.
  4. Restart the Active Directory Federation Services service.

Configuring Plugins Settings

Plugins settings can be run from the IDComplete ADFS Plugins Inline Configurators.

%PROGRAMFILES%\\IDGlobal\\IDComplete ADFS Plugin Inline\\IDS.IDComplete.ADFSPluginInlineConfigurator.exe.

Plugin settings are stored in the Registry folder as below:


Connectivity Parameters

User must ensure using HTTPS for all URIs, since authID requires HTTPS connectivity. User must replace localhost with the SaaS domain for the authID service:

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ParameterDefault ValueDescription
BioWeb URINetwork address (URL) of the Bio Web Application. Use
Administration service URIlocalhostNetwork address (URL) of the IDComplete Backend Administration Service (REST interface)
Customer nameAdministrative User Login or API key ExternalId
Customer passwordAdministrative User Password or API key Value
AllowBypassOfflineServicesFalseBypass second factor authentication if IDComplete services are offline
SecurityProtocolsTrue for all
(SSL3, TLS, TLS11, & TLS12)
Supported channel security protocols

After setting the CustomerPassword parameter, when the ADFS plugin is started, the specified parameter is encrypted and written to the parameter CustomerEncryptedPassword and the CustomerPassword parameter is deleted.

Inline Authentication Parameters

User must have a custom operation available to control behavior of the plugin. Check the available operations by using the GetCustomOperations API endpoint.

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ParameterDefault ValueDescription
Custom operation nameCustom operation name to be invoked
Account operation parameter nameTextCustom operation parameter name used for sending account name
Operation or transaction timeout (sec)180
Delay before submit page (sec)5The delay between showing the Bio-Web application result and sending it to the ADFS Plugins Inline.
Allow self-enrollment biometryFalseThe flag allows the creation of biometrics credentials in case of its absence.
Show final pageTrueFlag determines whether or not to display a successful authentication page.

Logging Parameters

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Log file pathc:\ProgramData\IDGlobal\IDComplete ADFS Plugin Inline\Logs\IDS.IDComplete.ADFSPluginInline.logADFS plugin log file path
Log file pathERRORLogging level (OFF, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, ALL)

After changing any parameter of the plugins and pressing the "OK" the user should see a dialog prompting the user to restart the ADFS service.

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