Create an User Account

The systems consuming authID APIs are required, where known, to provide the target user's unique identifier.

The basic user record within authID platform is an Account, think of an Account as a container for user attributes, credentials and a reference for transactions.

Create Account

Create a Verified Account using the CreateAccount endpoint.

Below is an example of the account object:

Example Request Body:

  "AccountNumber": "AccountV2",
  "Version": 0,
  "DisplayName": "Account V2",
  "CustomDisplayName": "Account V2",
  "Description": "Account object for V2 API",
  "Enabled": true,
  "Custom": true,
  "Email": "[email protected]",
  "PhoneNumber": "+1234567890"


Phone Number and Email are not Required

Note that the email and phone number are not required unless you plan to use authID API to message end users via email/SMS.

If a user successfully completes a transaction sent via email/SMS, the phone number/email attributes of the account are marked as "verified".

AccountNumber can be any format the developer or system designer specifies.

Theโ€ฏAccountNumber must be unique:

  • Ideally, developers would generate a GUID, and treat it as an external identifier.
  • Avoid using spaces and special symbols since this value is used in the URL path in subsequent calls.
  • The end user's email or phone can be used as value for AccountNumber if those are expected to be unique in the system.


Do Not Use Sensitive Information for AccountNumber

Do not use the users Social Security Number, Driver's License Number, Passport Number or similarly sensitive information as the AccountNumber.