Onboarding with Multiple Documents

In some onboarding scenarios, it may be necessary to collect multiple documents from the user. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Initial Proof Transaction:

    • Perform a standard Proof transaction with the primary document.
  2. Secondary Proof Transaction:

    • Execute an additional Proof transaction for the secondary document.
    • Include the "&nv" URL option to bypass the selfie collection step. See Session URL Parameters for more information.
  3. Selfie Comparison for Secondary Document:

    • Use the Verify ID Document Owner API to compare the user selfie collected during primary document Proof transaction to the data from secondary document.

This approach ensures a streamlined user experience by eliminating redundant selfie requests.

Dual Document Flow

The input for Verify ID Document Owner API call needs a document and a selfie:

  • Copy Selfie data from primary document Doc A, it is located in Payload.Data.CurrentFacialImage and use it in the POST body as input for FacialImage.

  • Copy Document data Payload.Data.Document from secondary document Doc B and use it in POST body as input for Document.

The response contains the full information for the Proof result for Doc B as if it was run with the Selfie acquisition step. This allows a developer to analyze secondary document Proof results using the same code as for the primary document.