Transaction Statuses


This section of the documentation details the possible statuses a transaction can have, their meanings, and how to interpret them. Each status reflects a specific stage or outcome in the transaction lifecycle, from initiation to completion.

Pending0Status is an expected result while waiting for the user to complete the requested action.
  • Verified transaction (biometric authentication) in Accepted state means that the user has authenticated successfully. This is your indicator that you can proceed with the action you invoked authentication for.
  • Get Biometry (selfie request) in Accepted status indicates the selfie was obtained with all requested quality and liveness checks successfully completed, and TempId contains data.
  • Get ID Document (Proof request) in Accepted state means that data is available in TempId. Developers must inspect the available data for details to determine if the transactions are legitimate or fraudulent. See Process the Proof Results for more information.
    • Verified transaction goes into the Rejected state if the user declines the verification or cannot authenticate successfully after several attempts
    • It is possible for Get Biometry and Get ID Document to enter the Rejected state; however, it is more common for the user to ignore the request.
      Expired3Means the user ignored or chose not to complete the requested action. The transaction lifetime can be set in the API call.
      Error4Something went wrong, the response body would have an explanation if this status is returned.
      Canceled5Indicates that the sessions was canceled.