Identity Verification Error Handling

If a user is unable to complete an Identity Verification transaction, consult the table provided below for further guidance. The table delineates the suggested user notice and subsequent actions corresponding to each type of failure.

Recommended User GuidanceFailed LivenessFailed Biometric MatchFailed Document LivenessFailed Barcode SecurityMRZ/OCR Mismatch
Prompt user to move to better lighting (well-lit face, no glare in camera no bright lights behind the user) Environmental factors are the key cause of false rejects.xx
Prompt user to change backgroundx
Prompt the user to ensure that the document is well-lit and on a neutral background (no patterns and should contrast with the document)xxx
Avoid glare on the documentxxx
Prompt users to ensure they are using the original document and not a copyx
Prompt the user to ensure the document fills the capture guidesxx
Ensure the document is clean and unobstructedx
Inform the user you were unable to verify the authenticity of the documentxxx