Document Upload via API



Review Accessing the API and Onboarding with Proof sections first.

In scenarios where a developer already possesses user document images stored within their system and needs to implement the new identity verification process for their existing user base, authID identity verification offers a viable solution.

Although authID identity verification best practices necessitate the presence of the original document and the corresponding document owner, there is an alternative workflow available. This workflow allows the developer to submit previously captured document images on behalf of the user.

The integration pattern remains consistent with the process outlined in Onboarding with authID identity verification, with one notable exception. Rather than displaying the Proof User Interface, the developer is required to provide the document via the Document Processing API. This distinction is also depicted in the accompanying diagrams.

User-driven Identity Verification

Proof with Embedded UX

User-driven Identity Verification

Document Upload via API

Proof via BioWeb API

Document Upload via API

Backend Document Processing API

Reference documentation for Document Processing API is available here.


The API call requires the following security elements:


User roles

Note that Transaction Data Provider role is required to invoke this API.

Developer will receive HTTP error code 403 if this role is absent from the access token.

Input Data

The developer must provide:

  • Image of the front side of the document as SideA
  • Optional image of the back side of the ID card or an additional page of the passport as SideB
  • Optional user image as Selfie

The acceptable data types are JPEG, PDF, and PNG. Please note that there is a size restriction of 10MB for the overall payload.


curl -X 'POST' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: */*' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGNRSI...B3iHSfKE1Ypw' \
  -H 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' \
  -F 'OneTimeSecret=xIkVbRZRtKaNIqJXufAWvdeP' \
  -F 'OperationId=feddacc8-8739-5f3d-cc9e-7db0fb6f9023' \
  -F 'SideA=@US_PASSPORT.jpg;type=image/jpeg' \
  -F 'SideB=' \
  -F 'Selfie='