Session URL Parameters

Session workflows can be modified by using URL parameters. These parameters can be customized for each session and are used to alter the default operational settings. Below is an enumeration and explanation of the supported URL parameters.

To user session URL parameters, append the desired parameters to the end of the Session before providing the Session to the user.

&ncDisable the camera functionality on the desktop.
&nvDisable the video/selfie feature.
&autozoomForce autozoom on the webcam.
&confirmSelfieRequests confirmation after capturing a selfie before completing the transaction.
&disableFullscreenPrevents full-screen mode during document scanning on mobile devices.
&dlrDisable the device's automatic rotation while scanning documents.
&ci / &cropInvisibleCrops out the invisible parts of the selfie if set to true.
&torchEnable the flashlight or torch when scanning a document.